freedom eco friendly surf school and villa

We are proud of running our Surf School and Villa as eco friendly as possible. Discover our green initiatives!


beach clean

We meet every Friday at 10 am at Freedom Surf School. Join us to spend half an hour of your valuable time picking up rubbish from the beach.

Persistence is the key in making a difference to our environment. And even though we feel like we are only scratching the surface. Even though we feel like there is still so much more we can do. Even though we feel like there is still so much to pick up.

We know we are making a difference. We are influencing locals to think about their behaviour. We are stopping plastic from entering the ocean.

We are forever grateful for the support we have received in the past. We are even more grateful for those who care to join us in the future.


We usually post an event on Facebook and a reminder on Instagram so follow us to stay updated and join us!


our eco friendly villa

Here at Freedom we endeavour to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We do not sell any plastic bottles and provide water refills.

We compost and recycle.

We encourage our guests to limit their single use plastics. We offer fabric shopping bags and re-useable containers that they can use.

Sri Lanka is in a ‘changing mindset’ state as it develops. At Freedom we feel it is important we continue to set an example and encourage all the small changes that we can.


  • Compost and recycle.

  • We do not sell any plastic bottles and provide water refills.

  • Our breakfast is vegan and gluten free.



We believe in the power of people and would love to see you here with us. We promote ethical tourism so that you can give back to the local community.

We employ all local staff at the Surf School and in the Surf Villa. We have partnered up with local business to provide the best services for you.

Our culturally sensitive approach builds local pride and confidence.

For you this means guilt free tourism where your holiday has a positive impact!