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Top 5 reasons Freedom Surf School is the best in Weligama

Updated: May 17, 2020

Freedom Surf School is one of the oldest surf schools in Weligama Bay Sri Lanka, that means we have the most practise at being a successful, professional Surf School. Teaching Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Surf Lessons as well as board hire we are experts at what we do.

Freedom Surf School is the best in the bay and here’s why:

REASON 1 - Our Staff know how to surf and more importantly teach

Teaching the art of surfing in Sri Lanka is a skill only locals know best, so at freedom Surf School we employ only local surf instructors who have been surfing Sri Lankan waters for their whole lives.

Whether you are taking a beginner surf lesson, intermediate surf lesson or advanced surf lesson our surf instructors know the steps and have the skills to teach you the correct method. To meet our staff visit

If you want Surf Guiding to a different surfing spot or a Surf Tour of Sri Lanka we have teachers who specialise in all areas to give you the correct methods of surfing Sri Lanka. Surf Lessons are usually conducted on a private basis giving you the maximum teaching to progress quickly in surfing

Safety is our numbering priority, surfing can be a dangerous. We want to protect you and teach you how to protect yourself and others in the water. Essentially we are preparing you for your new surfing life.

Our instructors are ISA trained - this is the International Surf Accreditation that teaches them how to teach correctly, it focuses on first aid and safety and all the steps of surfing. They speak English Sinhala and Korean and have experience of teaching people of all ages and backgrounds.

During you holiday in Sri Lanka and time at Freedom Surf Villa (Surf Camp or Surf Hostel) we will teach you the steps of surfing. Our packages are designed with everybody in mind, for all budgets - backpacker surf packages, family holiday surf packages, couples surf packages, friends surf packages and solo traveller surf packages. And for all abilities, beginner surfing, intermediate surfing and advanced surfing.

DO NOT miss our Volkswagen Surf Camp Surf Tours - Vinny the VW is just the coolest way to travel around Sri Lanka’s South Coast. The freedom to surf at different beaches, really take in the islands paradise and surf spots - surfing has never been more stylish.

Anyone can surf, not just anyone can teach - at Freedom Surf School we make sure our staff tick all of the boxes.

REASON 2 - WE HAVE A wide selection of WELL MAINTAINED Surfboards

From long boards, single fins, hardtops, soft tops, short boards, NSP surfboards, Onda surfboards, FS Surfboards, you name the best boards for learning surfing - we have them.

We buy new surfboards every season and make sure they are in the best working order to give you the best surf experience.

Surfing with Freedom Surf School will boost your confidence. Our Surf boards let you glide through the water and ride the waves to the shore. Learning to surf with rubbish equipment - what’s the point? Take your surf lessons on proper well maintained surfboards.

REASON 3 - location location location

Freedom Surf School has the most beautiful spot on the beach in Weligama Bay and we care about our environment a lot

Spacious, quiet, luxurious…a restaurant on one side, small shop for surf clothes on the other, there is space to spread out, play volleyball, take a bean bag or sun bed into the shade or sun before or after your surf.

Warm up with sunrise yoga. Perfect green surroundings for your perfect Instagram post. Opposite a shower point and we offer water refills. We are proud to be doing our bit for the oceans with weekly beach cleans, educating locals in prevention methods. Saving the seas, supporting trash tag #beachclean for a cleaner brighter future - sustainable surfing is where we are at, being eco warriors in every way that we can.

At Freedom Surf Villa we provide water refills and glass bottles and reduce our plastic use as much as we can.

Whilst surfing we take what we can out of the ocean and leave no trace. By joining us you help to save our seas and our planet. Come and join one of our beach cleans - follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep informed of details @freedomsurflk

REASON 4 - honesty - no tricks or scams here

We are organically grown, and built from trusting lasting relationships and reviews that are real. Our customers return to Freedom year after year.

We pride ourselves in being professional and upholding standards. Everything is laid out clearly for the you before you decide to use any of our services. We have an agreement that you sign and encourage you to check the surfboard and fins for any damages before you remove it from the surf school. If you do happen to have any mishaps whilst in the water we only charge 1000LKR for a fin and an honest price for board repair.

We encourage respect between our business and customers - surf boards aren't cheap in Sri Lanka due to heavy import tax and if it’s broken we are out of business for that board whilst it’s being repaired - which can add up! However we will never over charge or get violent or angry. We want you to have the best experience of surfing in Sri Lanka and we strongly believe you will, if you surf at Freedom Surf School.

REASON 5 - Everyday is a great day at Freedom

Whether you’re renting a surfboard, taking your very first surf lesson, starting a surf course, or package of surf lessons our staff will always greet you with a smile. We welcome you to relax and enjoy your time at Freedom. Ask us for advice, listen to our music, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka. Our prices are affordable and reasonable and we deliver quality service with a smile - the Sri Lankan way.

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