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Why your next trip should be to Weligama

Are you looking for a destination with beaches, palm trees, surfing, and good food? For an all round amazing time, Weligama is the place to go! 

Why your next trip should be to Weligama, Jeremy Backpacker

After travelling around South-East Asia for 5 months, we eventually landed in Sri Lanka. After a month roaming around the country, we arrived in Weligama and ended up staying in the local town for two months. As we loved this place so much, we decided to come back again, 5 months later.

This time, we stayed at Freedom Surf owned by Leomi and Ruwan, and we had such a great time we felt like writing about it.

So, why do we think Weligama is one of the best place to settle down for a few weeks?

Not too touristy.

First of all, one of the main reason is written above, it’s still rather unknown. Most tourists/travellers coming to Sri Lanka will most likely end up in Tangalla, Mirissa, Unawatuna, Galle etc. But not especially in Weligama.

Which makes it the perfect place not to be surrounded by hundreds of tourists. 

Best time to travel around South coast is from October to March. But it also means it is the high season. We, for example, are now here in mid-September, right before the season kicks off and it’s perfect, weather is nice, you already have some great surfing conditions most days, and barely any tourist around.

Weligama is cheap!

Weligama is probably one of the cheapest place along the south coast. You can find great and comfortable accommodation for affordable prices, even for budget travellers like us.

Freedom Surf is one of the best examples. They have several accommodation offers (add link coming with breakfast/lunch and even dinner. For both solo & couple travellers. But we’ll talk more about Freedom Surf below.

Food in Sri Lanka is something you won’t forget neither. Eating at Freedom or in Weligama can be really cheap as well. You’ll easily find something for less than 3$ ! We’re having breakfast and lunch at Freedom and usually have diner in town, places like AVM, Jonee or one of the many local restaurants have great food for appealing prices. 

How about learning to surf ?

Weligama is, according to us, THE spot for beginners and intermediates. We surfed for nearly a month the first time and another 2 weeks this time. We started nearly beginners and are now able to ride decent waves. Surfing takes time. Training sessions on a daily basis. There is no secret. Weligama is a large bay so, even crowded, you’ll find a spot to catch some waves.

Best way to get better is therefore to:

- Take lessons and advice from the guys at Freedom Surf School - Daily sessions

Why Freedom Surf Weligama is now our favourite place in Weligama ?


Freedom Surf is located in a small village 10 min away from the beach and 15 min away from the centre. Which is a huge plus as most places are along the main road, which can be really noisy, even at night (lots of traffic).

As said before, you got plenty of different options Fan/AC rooms, for solo or couples. With or without breakfast (but those smoothie bowls we have for breakfast are a blessing!). We also get a homemade Sri Lankan lunch everyday that we would highly recommend !

Rooms all got a name, happiness (ours), peace, love or freedom, which is so cool. Rooms are all spacious, new and clean, with private bathroom. You also got a private little balcony.

See all options for yourself !


Freedom also has a surfshop on the beach. If you’re a beginner, lessons will most likely be needed to get started, but you can also rent a board for a few hours or for the whole day. Up to you.

But is there a better way to learn to surf than taking lessons with locals who have been surfing since they can stand on their feet ?

See their surf courses here :

If you consider staying for a week at least learn to surf properly, you might have a look at their packages too, it’ll make it way easier for you!

Still not convinced that Weligama is the place to be if you’re looking for a perfect getaway to surf and chill?

Well, if after 6 months of travels around Asia we decided to come back in Weligama once again, it’s not by chance. Locals are just the most welcoming, helpful and friendly we have ever met. And Leomi and Ruwan (and Lily!) are the best example, they make us feel at home.

Living in Weligama is just what suits us best. Everyone has is own way to travel and to enjoy places. But we truly believe Weligama has something special. We’ll be back for sure, maybe even for much longer than a month, who knows?!

Thanks again to the whole Freedom Surf’s team and especially Leomi for everything, staying at Freedom definitely made our time here even more enjoyable!

Jeremy & Theresa

Ready for your next adventure? 


All the pictures of this article are by Jeremy Backpacker

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