Freedom Surf School,

Weligama Bay,


Sri Lanka. 



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Weligama, literally translated as sandy village, is the best place along the South Coast of Sri Lanka to take your first surf lesson. The small, consistent waves can be easily caught, giving you an excellent place to start and practise.

There is a fun filled atmosphere around Weligama Bay with laughter filling the air as everybody begins their surfing addiction and attempts to catch their first wave.


Our highly experienced teachers will adapt your surf lesson to suit your level and experience. Surf lessons are given on a 1:1, 1:2 or maximum 1:3 ratio depending on your ability and age.


Our surf instructors will talk you through the equipment and safety procedures, they will give you expert advice on how to time and catch the best waves. They will  encourage you to paddle for yourself and teach you how to surf and catch waves alone, progressing your surfing quickly and safely.


The official surf season is from the end of October until early April. Winds are off shore making clean waves, swells are good and rain is at a minimum.


From the end of April until October there is the chance of rain but there are still good waves for beginners. With the benefit of smaller crowds in the water, allowing you to have the waves to yourself. 


There are waves for beginners to surf and take surf lessons all day long, however it is best to avoid the mid day sun. If you are an early bird and enjoy the sunrise, this is a perfect time to surf as it is very quiet. Equally, watching the sunset from the ocean whilst catching waves is just stunning.


We are more than happy to arrange transport to advanced surf spots with an instructor to  safely guide you in making the transition from a beginner surfer to an intermediate safely.


We will transport you and your surf board safely to different breaks and give you a unique surf lesson experience.


There are numerous advanced surf spots further along the coast from Weligama, all within a 30 minute tuk tuk drive.

Our Sri Lankan surf instructors have the best local knowledge of private, less crowded surf spots,  showing you the beauty of Sri Lanka whilst you surf.


Weligama, located on the south coast of Sri Lanka is a lively fishing town. You can experience local culture as well as finding a good mix of surfers and tourists. 


Weligama is an excellent base to explore the South Coast. There are beautiful beaches for sunbathing and swimming and good night life only 4KM away, Whale watching all year round, historical Galle only 20 minutes away as well as being a fantastic starting point for Safaris and other day trips. 

Whatever your holiday and surfing needs Weligama is the best place to base yourself for an unforgettable holiday experience.