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Sri Lanka. 



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WHEN: 16-22nd SEPTEMBER 2017

COST: €550/£499 per person


6 Nights Luxury Accommodation - with private beach

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

2 daily yoga Sessions

2 hours of Surf instruction a day

Sun. Sand. Surf. Yoga.

An intimate retreat to completely relax.


5 days to learn about and connect with the 7 chakras and subtle body.

Join us on our intimate retreat where we will guide you from root to crown to become aware of and deeply connect with your inner self. We have carefully designed the retreat with love and thought to guide you to escape your daily life and completely relax in beautiful Sri Lanka.

Every day will incorporate asana, pranyama, mantra, mudra, visualsation and meditation designed to develop awareness of and harmonise these powerful energy centres of the body.


Connecting to the healing vibrations of each chakra we will cleanse, rejuvenate and uplift our bodies, minds and spirits and awaken our full potential together.


Yoga awakens the physical body making us aware of how we move whilst relaxing our minds. Surfing releases the playful side of us. Together Surfing and Yoga form a magical combination in which we can prepare our bodies and minds through yoga to develop as surfers, practising peace and inner calm in the water.

'Learning to surf has been one of the biggest challenges and joys of my adult life. Through my yoga practice I can enter the water with a clear and focused mind and an agile and alert body.  I have always had a deep respect and spiritual connection with the has offered me a lot of healing throughout my life. Going for a surf after emptying my body and my mind with my practice I feel pure joy and a great sense of peace in my soul.'

Jessica Gray Lightley - 7 Chakra Yogi on her experience of yoga and surfing.

Our Surf and Yoga retreat will allow you to harness your potential and learn to ride waves in Weligama Bay with our professional, local surf instructors. With two lessons available per day and unlimited board use you can expect to glide down your first green wave within the week.


100% vegan, vibrant, wholesome and locally sourced! 


Food and health are a great source of happiness. Whether you are already vegan or not we are sure you will enjoy our exciting menu for the week. We have balanced our retreat with an amazingly delicious carefully planned menu to give you the complete health boost you need.  


Packed full of fresh tropical fruits, homemade rice and curry and flavourful and nutritionally dense raw salads. Freshly picked coconuts,  fresh fruit juices and unlimited tea will supplement our diet and keep us fully charged for our days of yoga and surf. 


Two friends who share the same passions and dreams of love, light, sea and sunshine, have  inspired each other to take this step. We now invite you to share our slice of  Sri Lankan heaven with us. 

Jessica Gray:

I have been living and teaching yoga in Sri Lanka now for 7 felt like home after about a week. Yoga has been part of my life for over 10 years now and surfing....just the last 7 months. I am so grateful and humble that my life has led me to this point and place where I can share my practice, my knowledge, my home and some waves with you. I owe a lot of my understanding of yoga and spiritual training to my travels in India but completed my YTT in a Shambhava yoga ashram in the mountains of Colorado in 2013. The combination of yoga and surfing and teaching yoga for surfers that I have found here in Sri Lanka fulfils and inspires me daily. I teach Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin, pranyama, meditations, mudra, mantra, visualisation and Yoga Nidra. I teach  from what I know, what I practice and what I love to keep my classes authentic and original.

Leomi Potter:

I have been living in Sri Lanka now for 18 months. I love the culture, food, people and lifestyle.

I have been developing my Yoga practise for the last 5 years whilst I've been travelling in India and Nepal. I have studied under many different Yogi masters and spent months at a time in different ashrams, all informing and developing my own style and practice. 

Last year I learnt 'the art of living' through the Vipassana meditation course and continue this practice in my everyday life. I look forward to sharing this knowledge during our meditation sessions at the retreat.

I have been learning to surf in Weligama and have fallen in love with the sport. I love being able to learn and progress in something new. 

I am so excited to share and combine my visions and passions with Jess to create a unique retreat experience for you.


Below is an outline of the proposed daily schedule, it is open to change according to what we feel are the needs of the retreat. On Wednesday we take a trip to the buddhist temple in the afternoon.

6am - Sunrise yoga and meditation

8am - Tea and breakfast in the garden

9am - Surf lesson in Weligama Bay

1230pm - Lunch and rest

530pm - Evening Yin yoga

7pm - Dinner 


Sunday 16th  - Arrive to Sion Surf Camp - dinner provided.

Monday 17th - Friday 21st - 5 full days of surf and yoga and beautiful memories. 

Saturday 22nd - Breakfast provided - guests depart. 


We feel extremely grateful to be able to accommodate our retreat at Sion Surf Camp. It is a beautiful, peaceful location situated at Goviyapana at the South end of Ahangama. The Beach Front Camp overlooks Devil Rock with a classic wave right outside, should you be a more advanced surfer you can choose to surf here whenever you want. All rooms are sea facing with private balcony or porch area. We truly feel it is the perfect space to hideaway and completely unwind. 

As well as the 7 Chakras Retreat being designed to develop your personal awareness we also feel it should be a great opportunity for you to share your experience and make new friends. We expect to host guests from all over the world and hope you will embrace the opportunity to share your life experiences and build new relationships. Our accommodation is all shared, with comfortable single beds and a maximum of 4 to a room we hope you will deepen your retreat experience by sharing the space with our fellow guests. If needed we can arrange private rooms for an additional cost - just ask when you register. 

To see photos of the accommodation please follow the link and view the Beach Front Camp photos




The total price includes all of the following:

6 Nights Accommodation at the Beach Front Camp, high quality shared rooms.

6 Vegan Breakfasts

5 Vegan Lunches

5 Vegan Dinners

Free Flow Herbal Tea ,

10 Yoga Sessions - Vinyassa Flow and Yin yoga sessions in the morning and evening.

10 hours of Surf Lessons in Weligama Bay (one instructor to two students max)

Transport to and from Weligama Bay twice a day.

Unlimited Surf Board use 

Not included in the price but additions that you can add are:

Transport to and from the airport €65 one way per person.

Additional one to one yoga classes €25 per one hour class.

Additional afternoon surf lessons €20 per lesson.

Massage price on request.


Sion Surf Camp is set on the outskirts of Ahanghama. If you wish to take a trip on an afternoon into the local town you will experience Sri Lankan culture at its most colourful. The local market, temple and tea plantations can all be found in Ahanghama.

We will also be travelling to Weligama for your morning surf lessons. Weligama is a lovely fishing town and will provide you with an alternative perspective of a Sri Lankan town. On our 15 minute drive - in our private van (where your peace will not be disturbed) you will get the chance to see different Sri Lankan villages and towns on the drive.

This is an intimate retreat with limited places - maximum 10 people.



Being a retreat to develop awareness of ourselves and others and most importantly the environment around us we want to promote sustainability in Sri Lanka on many levels.

  • All of our staff and services we use on the retreat are local - thus providing jobs and business for the community.

  • We will source local produce for our Vegan Menu, from the local markets.

  • We want to limit all waste especially plastic use, we collect our shopping in cloth bags and baskets and urge yo to bring a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles.

  • We will provide filtered water so that you can refill your bottle or glass as often as you like - plastic free. 

Pack for tropical weather - unfortunately we cannot order perfect sunshine and Mother Nature is a free spirit so be prepared for the possibility of rain. However, last year September was a beautiful month with glorious sunshine so also be prepared for sunbathing. On top of your mixed bag of clothes we recommend you include:

  • A reusable water bottle - this is an essential.

  • Comfortable yoga clothes - enough for 5 days of yoga. 

  • A scarf or sarong for morning meditation sessions. 

  • Swim wear including a rash guard to surf in. Some people prefer to wear shorts to stop the friction burn from the soft boards.

  • Natural Suncream - to protect your skin and the ocean. 

  • Hat, Sunglasses. 


There is only one airport in Sri Lanka - Colombo. You can fly to here from a number of locations. Qatar Airways offer some great deals and fly from many Countries. 

From the airport to Ahangama the journey is relatively simple. for the more adventurous there are the options of taking the bus or train from Colombo Fort to Ahangama. It is definitely a cheaper option but can add up to 5 hours onto your trip after you have landed. 

A simpler and quicker option is to let us pick you up from the airport. As we are starting the retreat on the Sunday and asking all guests to arrive on Saturday 16th, we will try to collect you in groups so as to reduce our emissions. 

Let us now which option you would prefer when you book .

We are excited to welcome you and share this unique exclusive experience with you in beautiful Sri Lanka.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us. 

Peace and love

Jessica and Leomi